AGAR – Box D

Overview: This checklist is concerned with the setting or the budget and the precept, the monitoring of progress against budget, and the level of Council Reserves (Box 7).

6. We have populated the precept data in Insightly for the audit year, if you can’t access Insightly 2020-21 data can be found here . Look in the ‘parish level data’ tab under Column O. Either the number agrees or it doesn’t. If not we raise and Observation.

11 This question duplicates Question 8 in Checklist J – so you can just enter “N/A” here.

12. We would like to see a listing of any specific reserves the Council is holding. This is to explain a high Box 7 number compared to precept Box 2 number. If a Council has a Box 7 higher than Box 2 we want to know why they need so much money. It may be that they have a number of things that they are planning to spend the money on. If they can’t show why they have high reserves then we should raise an Observation here.

14. CIL is Community Infrastructure Levy. This is money that Councils might received due to construction of new houses in their area. What we are concerned about is that there is time limit of 5 years since the date of receipt to spend the money, otherwise it has to be given back. We want to know that the Council is aware of this and monitoring the spend of this money.